Roman Empire Vs America Research Paper

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The Roman Empire and the United States of America both developed to be large and powerful civilizations in their time periods. With the Rome Empire being in power well a thousand years before the United States of America were even English colonies let alone a growing a country, you would think that the would be very different in all aspects. This is true for many aspects for the two civilizations, but a few aspects share similarities between the two. One of these aspect is the military policy that both civilizations had. The military policy that these two civilizations had impacted them in different and similar ways. The Roman Empire started out small in the beginning but was able to grow into a large power. The Romans had a little amount of land when it was founded so they used their military for the purpose of expanding and gaining more land. The Romans were able to conquered the area around them and all the way to modern day England to parts of Africa and the middle east. The Roman Empire used its troops to conquer an area then use its troops to assimilate the local population into the Roman culture to help lower the chance of uprising from the locals. The Romans only cared about getting more land and having more people to pay taxes.…show more content…
Rome used their military to expand the empire. The United States did not use their military to expand the country they instead used religion in the form of manifest destiny to drive their citizens to go and settle the land, only using the military to protect the citizens. Another difference between the use of the military is that when the US gained an area of land they moved the native population to reservations and did not try to assimilate them into their culture like the Romans did. While the US did not try to spread their culture like the Romans did their ideals have spread to other
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