Roman Fever Analysis

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Roman Fever was a short story written by Edith Wharton and it was that published in 1934. The story takes place in Rome, Italy. Wharton was living in Paris when World War 1 began in 1914. Instead of returning to the United States, Wharton decided to stay in Europe in order to offer assistance and take notes on the events of the war. As a reader, I found it very important that I understood the history of the Roman Fever, which has struck Rome numerous of times during periodic outbreaks. In the story, Mrs. Slade uses a grim story about an outbreak of Roman Fever that afflicted a previous generation. The story was about two American women Mrs. Ansley and Mrs. Slade, who takes a walk over to the parapet to look at the glorious view of rome.…show more content…
slade attitude did not change at all. She threw so much shade and so had a terrible attitude. And Mrs. Ansley just sat there as calm as she could be. She never once got angry but she did she get upset about the letter. Throughout the story at first it was kinda hard to understand the story in the beginning but I kinda caught on in the middle of the story and the ending when she dropped that bomb. I just wished that the author could have kept going so I can see what Mrs. Slade reaction was to the whole thing. I can’t really say much about the daughters because they were never really mentioned in the story. All I know is the mother said and that was jenny was like the perfect daughter and jenny was the type of person who looked after her mother instead of mother looking out for her. Babs on the other hand was very smart, intelligent and was she looked very like her mother when she was her age. Some of the major characteristic about Mrs. Slade is that she is very cocky and she likes to hold grudges. Because the thing that happen with Mrs. Ansley and her husband was a long time ago and she just couldn’t get over the fact that she went to meet up with him. But now she had another reason be mad because of the baby. Grace ansley in the story was a sweet beautiful lady, she was very classy, I could tell she looked a person who knew the right place and time to have a certain conversation when she tried to play it when Mrs. Slade brought up her
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