Roman Gods: The Influence Of Roman Mythology

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Roman gods were interesting in the way they originated and also the variety of different gods they had. This also showed the significance of the Roman gods and how they influence modern life. To start there is the origin of the Roman gods. The Roman gods originated in the story of Romulus and Remus. These twins were orphaned after being sentenced to death by their great uncle, Amulius; for being the sons of the god of war, Mars. Instead of being executed they were sent down the river of Tiber, until being rescued by a she wolf. They were then raised by the she wolf until being found by a herdsman named Faustulus. They were raised by him until they were old enough to go back to Alba Longa and get their grand fathers throne back. They then…show more content…
Roman mythology gave the Roman people a way to explain how things came to be and how they “made sense” of everything that happened to them. This can also be seen in other religions and is overall the reason that Roman mythology is a dead religion. The religion was overruled by Roman Christianity because there were too many “areas to fill” to explain how they came to be. Although Roman mythology was not able to last it was still able to impact the Roman peoples when it was their main religion. The religion was able to both affect them positive and negative. One positive effect of Roman mythology is that it gave people a purpose to live. Roman mythology like many other religions gave its people a reason to live and help others. During the time of Roman mythology the people of Rome were much more advanced than any other countries around them. Roman mythology also gave the Romans the belief that they had divine roots. This made the Romans dangerous because they had a confidence that not many other cultures had. The religion also affected the Romans in political ways because many temples were the political houses.These things made Roman mythology a significant part of Roman
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