Roman Government Research Paper

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Script Kenjen Intro: Hello knights, this is plaza news here with a breaking news story about roman government! Roman Government was a huge part of creating the U.S. government with a few twist. The Roman Government is full of problems that had to be solved and we will tell you all about those problems and more! 1-6 K: Let 's start off with the patricians. the patricians were mostly wealthy people who were in the upper class that usually had more land and had plebeians which are lower class citizens work on it. Now let 's talk about the type of government that they used after rome decided to not use a monarchy government then it was a democracy which meant it was power to the people. it was also a tripartite government which meant it…show more content…
The Roman Government also had something called a Senate. The senate had 300 members and was in charge of advising the rulers of Rome. They were usually made up of patricians. The rulers of Rome were called Consuls. There were two consuls in Rome and they both directed the government and led the army. They were both elected for one year and each of the consuls had the power to overrule the other consul with full power. If the consuls had a hard decision or big problem that they didn’t know how to solve, they would hire a person called a dictator that would rule over Rome for a limited amount of time. The Roman Government had a big impact on the U.S. government from today. There are only a few differences between the three branches of government that came to form for the U.S. from the Roman Government. In the Executive branch, as we learned there were two consuls. while in the U.S., there is a president. The jobs of the president and consuls are pretty similar. For example, they both lead the government and the army or military. The difference between the Legislative branch is that the Romans had a Senate with 300 members which were mostly made out of patricians, along with something called assemblies that were made up of plebeians. In the United States, there is a Senate with 100 members and a House of Representatives. In both, they set laws that had to be followed along with advising the leaders whether it was a president or a consul. The Judicial branch in Rome had 8 judges. In the U.S., there are 9 justices. However, both the Roman and United States Judicial branch would oversee the court and interpret
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