Essay On Roman Amphitheatre

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Emmett Peña
Mr. Bray
Roman History
March 26, 2018
The Roman amphitheatre was a large structure, also known as the colosseum, used to provide entertainment for the Roman people such as gladiator games, mock naval battles, wild animal hunts, and public executions. The amphitheatre was an oval shaped building and it could seat thousands of people. It became one of the main sources of entertainment for the Roman society, becoming a profitable entertainment business. The format of the amphitheatre evolved from the time of the ancient Greeks to the Romans around the time of 80 BC. Entertainment in the Roman era was very important to them and they took it very seriously, many of the amphitheatres built then are still used today,
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Thracians were similar to the Samnites in that but instead of holding a long shield they held a small round shield, called the parma. In addition to the small shield, the Thracians also held a longer curved sword then the Samnite and wore grieves on both legs. The heavily armed Samnite versus a lightly armed Thracian was a favorite battle in the Empire. The next class of gladiators were called the Murmillo. Murmillo gladiators were given the same equipment as a Samnite but had a fish-shaped ornament on their helmet. Finally, the last class of gladiators were labeled as Retiarius. These type of gladiators were considered the least defensive class, being equipped with no armor except for a leather sleeve. Furthermore, they were given a ne for snagging their opponents, a long trident, and a dagger. Gladiators had different types of fights to keep things interesting so the crowd would not get bored. The first of these were the Andabatae, these were men who fought while being blindfolded. Another group of men were called the Dimachaeri, these men replaced their shield and battled with two swords instead. The final group were named the Laqueatores, and these warriors fought not with swords, but with lassoes. There were even battles of dwarves, dwarves and women, and women and
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