Roman Republic's Influence On The US Government

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The Roman Republic greatly influence the many forms of government that came after it, its many contributions to government significantly impacted modern day governments of today. Yet to understand it we must first find knowledge to how the Roman Republic came to be. The answer is fairly simple, due to the harsh rule of the Etruscan they were kicked out of Rome and the Romans formed the Rome Republic. Yet, the Rome Republic developed over time, it when through refinements as time passed. Such things as the Senate, magistrates, tripartite, checks and balances are some of the examples that the Roman Republic influenced on modern U.S. government. The Roman Senate does not elect the people within it but appoints them by the power of the consuls and later the censors. Unlike the Roman Senate, the U.S. Senate elects the people with it and only 100 people make up the structure while 300 people in the Roman one. Their works are also somewhat similar, they both can pass laws (THE US SENATE CAN ONLY PASS LAWS IF BOTH THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE CAN OVERRULE THE…show more content…
and Roman are a quite different, the Roman version are elected and serve one whole year and acted as a king would. If in a war they had unlimited power to served until the whole conflict was over or six months. The U.S. version of the magistrate judge's serves eight years if he/she retains the full-time and four years if part-time. They partake in district courts to fit and match the needs of the court. The U.S. and the Roman Republic also have a three based government, it is known as a tripartite system. The three branches are legislative, judicial (MAGISTRATES), and executive. To also retain power in government checks and balances would prevent one the branches of the government from gaining too much power than the others or taking all of the power. For example, in Rome, the Senate could possibly pass a law but the tribunals could veto the law and reject the decision or
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