Roman Slavery

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Slavery was, and has been very obvious during the Roman Empire, but there is a more complex perspective. In this paper I wish to demonstrate what they where used for. Who was considered a slave. Also exhibit why the slaves were considered the backbone of the Roman Empire. At the end I hope that you can use all this information to form your own opinion on the different aspects of how the Romans used slavery. Slavery During the Roman Empire in 31BCE was a little different than what we think of todays slavery, or even during the 1800’s. Slavery during the Roman empire consisted of captured enemies, piracy, trade, brigandage and, offspring of slaves. Slavery was important, it made ten percent of the Roman population. Not only did the slaves do…show more content…
The portion of slaves owed by one family would vary, as well as what part of the country you are in. One slave owner in Egypt could a little as one, two, or three, where if you are wealthy you could easily go into the thousands all being owned by one person. Slaves were just “property” nothing more, criminals usually had more freedom (rights) than a slave, “just like any other piece of property –a building, a chair, or a vase – the only difference was they could speak”. Even the women slaves played a more tremendous role it seems, the women would be used as sex slaves to many men. The women slaves would also use their own breast milk for the master’s children. Even non-slave women were treated as property they belonged to their husbands with absolutely no rights. As harsh as this sounds this was the heinous reality of the slaves lives, it part of the Roman Empire culture, a way that would keep them un-stoppable. On the other hand, their religion was everything, it was the foundation of the Roman Empire, the humans that got put into slavery were people who owed debt, prisoners of war, or you skin color the Romans believed that if your skin was black, your soul was as well. Christians were also enslaved because they are “non-believers as the natural order of things”. Some popes also discredited the use of slavery, as well as other denominations. Many of the…show more content…
The development of these public services was done with the use of the slaves”. The Romans built their empire by using slaves, the Romans had no chance to terminate the use of slaves. Although Roman Empire had more slaves than most countries it is unclear as to when the slaves came about “we do not know when Rome became a slave society, merely documents the existence of slavery at that time”. Finally, to summarize The Roman Empire was no doubt an untouchable force that used all its resources to the fullest of its abilities. They millions of slaves, changed them out like clothing, they were forced to work till they died, or paid the debts they owed. Also with out a doubt the slaves were treated badly, but also some masters were more openhanded. The slaves were the fuel that lead the Romans, from running the houses, to nurturing the children that might not have been their own. This became obvious, Rome itself was beginning to realize they used slaves as a crutch on a day-to-day
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