Roman Technology Dbq Essay

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Both the Han and Romans thought that technology was necessary. It helped make life easier for both civilizations. However the Han admired technology and believed it was a gift from enlightened leaders; and the Romans believed that the creators were common and “vulgar”. Both groups believed that technology was necessary, and they used it to advance their society. Both civilizations used technology for waterways and water regulation. The Han emphasized the importance of waterways and engineering needs. (Document 1) In this specific document the Han express that technology is an essential part of society. The Romans used technology for water regulation, and the aqueducts. “The abundance of water is sufficient not only for public and private uses and applications but truly even for pleasure.” (Document 8) In this document the Romans address technology in a way that shows how they used it to advance their society. The Han admired technology and the people who created it. They used technology to benefit their society. “He invented a water-powered blowing-engine for the casting of iron agricultural implements that allowed people to enjoy great benefit for little labor.”…show more content…
They believed that technology was necessary but they only tolerated the people who constructed it. “Vulgar and unbecoming to a gentleman are all the jobs hired workers take on…” (Document 5) This shows that the Han believed the people who produced it were not gentlemanly, and that they did not respect them. This document shows that the Romans believed people who created technology were not enlightened, unlike the Han. Another example of the Romans showing distaste of people who created technology is in document 7. “I do not believe that tools for the crafts were invented by wise men.” This document also shows that the Romans didn’t believe technology was constructed by enlightened
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