Roman Values

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Around this time Roman values were much different then they have been before. Citizens were supposed to support and give more loyalty to their state rather than their individual self. Honesty, integrity, and a low ambition were common values for citizens to follow especially since Rome was beginning to grow. This relationship between Rome and its citizens had already been established, however its lengths were really seen when its values were tested by Catiline. Everything he did was against the values that Rome held, which is why things ended so badly for him. The Roman state and its citizens had a relationship that required strong loyalty while also a decrease in ambition in order to balance Rome and its increasing growth. A Roman citizen owes a lot to Rome even if they aren’t always treated the same way back.…show more content…
Corruption unfortunately was a result of the growth and it became more prevalent in society, which is why it ended up being Rome’s downfall. All of which affecting the relationship the Romans had with their state. Crime and laziness were common occurrences, because there was such a big difference between the parties that arose during this time. The citizens that were poor had nowhere else to turn to but crime because things were getting so bad. This is obviously how Catiline was able to get so far in his plans because many felt as though the leadership of their state was failing them. For example, “ In a city so great and so corrupt Catiline found it a very easy matter to surround himself, as by a bodyguard, with troops of criminals and reprobates of every kind.” This just shows that even though citizens owed Rome loyalty and honesty it was just too corrupt that people had to turn on it. The strength of Rome's relationship with its citizens suffered leaving some of its not so great people to actually side with Catiline only hurting it
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