Romance And Horror In William Radcliffe's The Castle Of Mazzini

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Radcliffe describes the castle as a huge, magnificent place exactly suited the dramatic plot of a romance and horror:

The Castle of Mazzini was a large irregular fabric, and seemed suited to receive a numerous train of followers, such as, in those days, served the nobility, either in splendor of peace, or the turbulence of war. Its present family inhabited only a small part of it; and even this part appeared for forlorn and almost desolate from the spacious of the apartment, and the length of the galleries which led to them. A melancholy stillness reigned through the halls, and the silence of the court, which were shaded by high turrets, was for many hours together undisturbed by the sound of any foot – steep (S.R., P.4).

Radcliffe’s woods and gloomy castles are not landscapes in which ghosts hide , but they are mysterious background that set the dark mood of the novel . Gloomy atmospheres that are often difficult to escape are used to parallel the many social troubles of her protagonists. For example, a young woman like Julia held captive in an old mansion may also be facing an impending marriage to a cruel man like the Duke. The gloominess of the castle reflects the characters psychological and emotional state . 31
The buildings of the early gothic novels serve as the mystery which the events are built around . This castle serves as perfect cover for the characters, their movements, and the secrets within it. These walls were able to hide the truth from the characters

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