Romance In Gawain And The Green Knight

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“Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth”- Charles Kingsley. Romance can be described as a story that is composed characteristics like chivalry as well as the ever essential love. Literature portrays it as two men who are in love with the same woman, and their quests to convince her to pick themselves. The age long plot of the damsel in distress, only to be rescued by her knight in shining armor. Romance can be found throughout American history as well. Romance, or love can be what some choose to say is what makes the world go around. It can be found in everyday lives, when a husband surprises his wife with flowers,…show more content…
The stories of castles, heroic knights and their gallant steeds, all pieces in the quest of saving the maiden. The story of “Gawain and the Green Knight” is a perfect example of romance in literature. The main character of the story Gawain, is at a New Year’s Eve feast hosted by King Arthur, following a series of events he is given a quest as some might say, a challenge. The Green Knight makes a claim that “If there be a man in this house who holds himself so hardy, is so bold inhis blood, so rash in his head, that he dares stiffly strike one stroke for another, I shall give him as my gift this rich gisarm, this axe, this is heavy enough, to handle as he likes; and I shall abide the first blow as bare as I sit. If any warrior be wight enough to try what I propose, let him leap lightly to me and take this weapon — I quit- claim it forever, let him keep it as his own – and I shall stand him a stroke firmly on this floor…I will give him respite of twelvemonth and a day” (Neilson). After accepting the challenge Sir Gawain leaves on his journey, a year and a day later to find the knight at the Green Chapel. On his journey he encounters the castle of Bertilak where he meets the fair maiden who evokes the romantic side of the story. One night the maiden gives him her green silk girdle, said to protect the wearer from death. The girdle ends up saving sir Gawain and teaching him a
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