Explain How Romanization And How Did It Happen In The Roman Empires

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Hasanzade Ismayil instructor: Peter Tuner Ancient and Medieval History 10.18.2015 What was Romanization and How did it happen? The roman empire throughout ancient time had expanded its territorial state to regional superpower. This process entailed a lot of non- Romans to transfer “Romanized” subject -“citizens” in the empire. Romanization influenced every level of social course from historical cultural integration to colonization and urbanization. Romanization is reciprocity between the center of Rome and outer areas such as Greece, British, and Asia minor of Rome that created amazing cultural relationship through the Roman empire. The questions I will explain “What is Romanization” and “How did it happen” is that I will touch several historical evidences to clarify answers of these questions. First, I will analyze citizen ship within roman government of ruled…show more content…
When Roman armies captured new territories, as I explained below they carried their values and separated them the scope of the roman empire. Economy was one of them that is so-called economic romanization. Especially, imports from provinces, and export to provinces reinforced economic integration. For instance, historians archaeologically found from various areas things such as tables, Italian wines “amphoare”, and “coarse wares” that Romans exported such kinds of things to province. Export and import in the empire was done by merchants. They visited one province to another that increased economic romanization through the roman empire. One historical evidence shows that roughly 1st B.C hundreds roman merchantmen sank the coast of “Madrague de Giens”,it is sea road between Rome and Gaul, when they carried Italian wine “Dressel IB”. Those evidences are the best explanation how economic romanization had triggered in the empire,“the Materiality of an immateriality
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