Romanov Dynasty Essay

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To a moderate extent, the First World War can be blamed for the fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Tsar Nicholas’s poor judgement in prioritising the war over his people led to both economic issues in Russia, and numerous defeats on the front. His decision to command the army further made Russian people lose faith in the Romanovs, as he was now responsible for all of Russia’s losses. Furthermore, Tsarina Alexandra, who was left to rule the country, fell under the destructive influence of Rasputin, increasing her unpopularity. However, the Tsar’s desire for his autocratic power to be maintained, and his incompetent leadership also played a major role in the fall of the Romanovs. His unstable political skills led to many poor decisions, and his alienation from his people became particularly evident during the February Revolution in 1917, when the Tsar was forced to abdicate, bringing an end to the Romanov Dynasty after 300 years. Whilst the First World War did have a large impact on the political, economic and social state of Russia at the time, it was ultimately Tsar Nicholas II’s unstable…show more content…
Tsar Nicholas’ choice to prioritise the war over his people played a large role in the economic adversities Russia was facing, and in no way benefited the war effort, as Russia suffered many defeats. His decision to command the army, and abandon his people, left the Tsarina in charge, creating further discontent due to Rasputin’s influence over her, instigating a further loss of faith in the Romanovs. However, it was ultimately Tsar Nicholas II’s incompetent leadership which truly caused the political, social and economic strife in Russia and sealed the fate of the Romanovs. The February Revolution of 1917 was the final tipping point, and clearly outlined the Tsar’s alienation from his people, finally causing the Tsar to abdicate, bringing an end to the Romanov
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