Romans 13 Analysis

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The Roman government in the first century A.D saw several horrific and inhumane rulers who killed and tortured people. It is easy for one to look at horrible rulers and think of every way possible to defy the government. But, Paul tells his reader in Romans 13 that man is supposed to be subject to the governing authorities. Paul says that a ruler is “God’s servant to do you good.” Why is Paul saying that we should be subject to the government even if the government is corrupt and against God? What benefit is it to a believer to submit? Paul tells his listener this because submission is a part of man’s testimony of faith. Submission to God believes that God is completely sovereign and has His children’s best interest in mind. When Paul tells the reader to submit to the governing authorities, he is talking about the good and the bad rulers. Rome had some good rulers, but Rome also suffered under some horrific rulers such as Caligula and Nero. But, Why is Paul telling man to submit? Paul tells man in Romans 13 that government is instituted by God, and intended to be a…show more content…
Part of obedience to God is obeying Him when the outcome does not seem to be in one’s favor. When man submits to God, he is proclaiming his testimony of faith. Reverence requires prostrating oneself before the maker of heaven and earth, and declaring that God is in control. Paul clearly states in Ephesians 5:21, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Paul knew that he was going to be killed by Nero, but Paul was still in jail proclaiming the name of God and telling man to respect the government. Why? Because Paul knew that obedience to government was obedience to Christ. Man obeys the governing authorities to humble himself before God and declare Christ as his sovereign Lord and Savior. When man humbles himself before his creator, he is testifying that God knows what He is

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