Romantic Conflicts In Cyrano De Bergerac, By Edmond Rostand

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In his classical historical fiction play, Cyrano de Bergerac (1897), Edmond Rostand outlines the life of a charismatic Gascon officer and romantic poet named Cyrano who is plagued by an unappealing physical attribute to show the insecurities of society and the struggle between appearance and candor. By presenting romantic conflicts, Rostand allows the characters to reveal their inner selves and adapt into developed human beings with powerful and poor aspects. He utilizes symbolism, allusion, and characterization to reinforce his audiences’ awareness to the characters’ dynamic transfigurations. Rostand enlightens his audience by accentuating that the true nature of a person lays in their actions and intentions not aesthetics. Firstly, Rostand…show more content…
She is a naïve girl who only cares about superficial thing like lovely words. At the Siege of Arras, she proclaims that “Penelope wouldn’t have calmly stayed home with her weaving if Ulysses had written to her” as she thought Christian is writing to her (Act 4, Scene 7, Page 184). She is completely unaware that her husband is actually inarticulate and Cyrano is enabling him to become the man of all her desires to his heart warming sentiments. The distraction with Christian’s tender thoughts and dashing looks obscures her from discerning the true love that is right upon her. Years later, she is still incognizant to his true feelings but when he begins reciting one of her love letters she comprehends the truth and Cyrano says to her , “ when Beauty said, “ I love you” to the prince, his ugliness melted away”(Act 5, Scene 4, Page 220). Like the fairytale, she comes upon a big realization of the truth and her intense love for Cyrano. Despite her immature and materialistic tendencies, she overcomes it and emerges into sincere women who values
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