Character Analysis: The Last Song

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Most girls are suckers for a good romantic movie. However, there are horrible romantic movies out. The best romantic movie is “The Last Song” directed by Julie Anne Robinson and was released in 2010. The director succeeded her view to the audience’s eyes well and knew what girls like to see in a romantic movie. For a great romantic movie, there need to be good criteria. Within the movie there needs to be likability of the leads, a clear storyline, a good location, comes from a novel, makes the audience feel emotional, does not seem too predictable, and the couple ends up together. “The Last Song” is about a rebellious teen named Ronnie, which is portrayed by Miley Cyrus, who has to spend the summer with her father at Wrightsville Beach in…show more content…
In “The Last Song” the characters were liked by the audience. The main characters in the movie were Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The two showed great chemistry in the movie. The chemistry made the two characters more likable because it seemed real. On screen, the two were likable and could relate to other teenagers who might have watched the film. Ronnie was shown as a rebellious teenager due to her parents split and many other teenagers could relate. Will was shown in the film by his involvement with others, outgoing, and was a “jock”. Within the movie, Ronnie’s character develops into a better character, which made her even more likable. Ronnie changes in the movie from being rebellious into a responsible young adult (“The Last Song”). The audience can see her character’s change happen and not so drastically. Will’s character did not change in the movie; however, he was liked by the audience because he was “eye-candy” (“The Last Song”). Even the father was likable in the movie. He showed what it takes to earn trust back with his daughter and the audience can see his love for his children. As the movie goes on the audience can see the father-daughter bond they have together. As well as the likability for the characters, there needs to be a clear storyline. “The Last Song” does have a clear storyline behind it. The movie takes a turn at the end when the father tells his children about his cancer…show more content…
In “The Last Song” it does make the audience feel emotional in some way. This movie can make the audience feel happy and/or sad. For this movie, it will make the audience feel sad more than likely because the father did die in the end. As someone watched the characters develop into who they are and see the relationships become stronger it may be hard to watch it break. Some audience may feel emotion from past experiences with themselves and could relate to the movie. A good director and writer can make the audience feel emotion when they watch the

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