Romantic Honeymoon Analysis

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Top 5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India After spending sleepless nights to prepare for the big event of your life, it is the time to have some more sleepless but beautiful nights ahead. The tradition of honeymoon started in the 19th century by upper class people in Britain, when they use to take couples for the Bridal Tours. This practice later becomes the trend and now the norm to complete after getting married. Honeymoon is a period when couples spend most of the time understanding their needs and spend time together before getting back to professional and personal like. Moreover, this is also the time to have a quick trip to an exotic location with new life partner. Indian couples have been looking forward for some famous but…show more content…
The dramatic changing of sky pattern and long terrain roads makes Leh-Ladakh an ultimate location. Though many group of youngster can be seen riding across the valley, but now this magical place is also becoming the preferred option for honeymooners. Visit monasteries which can be spotted at every hill top. Engage into charming social tradition. Visiting Ladakh during festival will make you to greet vibrant culture and people wearing attractive brocade best clothes. Biking and camping near Pangong Lake is the best experience you can have. It is considered to visit this place at the time of mid-June and September. If you’re planning to get married in the month of April or May, then book your tickets to this exotic location for June month. Check for the travel packages offered in Leh-Ladakh which includes travel, stay and mountain…show more content…
Lush-green environment, warm climate, waterfalls, monasteries, coffee plantations and many other things makes Coorg an ultimate location. Each location here describes the mixed culture of Coorg and why it is the best place. Check out the coffee plantation which is spread over 300 acres where you can spend some quality time and enjoy the scene of coffee dales. This is the perfect setting to get into the romantic mood. Coorg is known as the Country of Hills and there are many tourist locations to explore, these includes-Abbey Falls, Nagarhole National Park, Dubare Elephant Camp and few others. If you're ready spend good amount of money and want to enjoy luxury stay, then check out The Orange County, the most famous and luxury resort in

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