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Romantic hotel with jacuzzi in the lake geneva
Hotel is a place in which to lodge for those who need shelter amid temporarily or when they are in a certain place for a break. As for now there are so many luxury hotels are vying to bring the design and quality memadahi. So in essence, the design of a luxury hotel in addition to convenient to use also offers stunning facilities.
A luxury design luxury hotel can be made in such a way to provide comfort, including by making the interior and exterior are also good. Every hotel room we can make with berbahankan marble floors as well as most of its walls to make it look more luxurious, while for others the walls we can give white color to make it look more modern. In addition, by adding all the facilities
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You can create its own space in the home spa. While bathing, you can insert herbs and essential oils to soothe sore muscles, tense nerves and skin irritation. You can choose the model that suits your needs bathtubs, such as whirlpools, jets, and others. And studies have shown that soaking in the bathtub can reduce stress and tension because it is soothing. - Some modern systems in a bathtub with water massage can also renew your spirit from the daily grind. Such as rejuvenation therapy with water (hydrotherapy), carried out by soaking in water to increase the power. Or chromatherapy, which works almost the same as aromatherapy, wearing a particular scent and colorful lights to stimulate the physical and psychological make it more relaxed. Bathtub contra - Bathtub spend a lot of water for each use, about 140 liters when fully charged. That is, you have to pay more bills than the use of shower water. And 'waste' will adversely affect the environment. If you intend to install a bathtub in the bathroom, make sure you choose the type of environment-friendly. - You must have a spacious bathroom to put a bathtub. For each form has different sizes. For example bathtub square shape, there are measuring 1.7 meters or 1.9 meters. Bathtub European origin too, models, types and sizes vary, ranging from 1.4 meters to 2.5

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