Romantic Influences In Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley, who lived in the Roman era, was known as a greatest English writer. The author was greatly influenced by the Romantic poets. Frankenstein was the most famous work of Shelley which reflected the Romantic trends and styles. In the novel, the main themes were nature, human’s responsibility and the interaction between God and His creation. Victor Frankenstein’s background was very nice that he was from a luxury family. He started to tell his early life in Geneva and his close relationship with his cousin, Elizabeth Lavenza. Henry Clerval was Victor’s best friend who came and help him to study but ended up in death. Frankenstein was well-known as the creator of the monster and protagonist of the story. He had a strong interests in…show more content…
Victor had no rights to judge the monster because he did not teach him anything at all. This is an example of different kind of people that use too much judgement on the physical appearance. Because of suffering too many threats and screamings from Frankenstein, these turned to hatred and caused him to seek revenge on Frankenstein. Throughout the novel, Frankenstein and other characters gave the monster the feeling of self-consciousness. It is easy to understand that the beast’s actions were just followed by horrible feelings. First, the monster was abandoned and stricken mentally. Then, the people in the village threw rocks at the beast with rage. Along the feeling of self-consciousness, the creature had to deal with loneliness. Without love and responsibility, the monster killed Frankenstein’s best friend, Henry Clerval. This extremely shocked Frankenstein to behold his friend with the mark of the monster’s fingers on his neck. This is example of when people is pushed too hard and feel no way out, they will stand up and fight back. The monster stayed next to the master’s house who were teaching him English and basically how to act like a human being. In chapter…show more content…
However, some women with a broken human being treat their children horribly that we can never image. Starting with young teenagers who are easily tempted by bad guys and lack of sexual knowledge, these innocent girls become pregnant very early. Because of pregnancy, girls start to feel nervous and extremely stress out if their parents, friends or school find out. So they decide to refuse and even kill that developing offsprings. Older women is even more crucial when they can even think a thousand reasons to abuse them. We are living in a crazy world when children become a victim of abusement. In, it says:” Female child sex offenders can have disturbing and life-long impacts on their victims. These impacts are similar to the impacts for child victims of male sex offenders, including self-injury, substance abuse, depression, and difficulties with sexual identity.” Unlike Frankenstein and irresponsible women, God surely is perfect creator of human’s world. He created us, gave us a soul that nevers die and also a place to live and grow since day one. He did create us but will not abandon his creations.
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