Romantic Love And Romantic Love

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Childhood development is defined as the psychical, emotional, social and cognitive development of the child from the moment of birth till the entrance of adulthood. This process includes the four different stages, infant at an age between 0-2 years, toddler at an age between 2-6 years, child at an age between 6-12 years, and adolescent at an age between 12-18 years. Additionally, John Bowlby argues it is the two first stages, infant and toddler, of life that influences the most upon the social relationships in the future. At these stages, the need for a caring, responsive and interested caregiver is essential (Cherry, 2016a). Attachment is defined as being the very deep emotional bond between the individual and their attachment figure that takes care of the individual’s needs. In this investigation, the individual and the attachment figure is either the infant and the mother or two individuals of an adult love relationship. Additionally, the attachment with parents is essential for the infant’s further development. Already at the age of seven months, the first expressions of the infant’s attachment are shown, when the infant experiences separation distress if the mother is out of sight. Even though the infant may show attachment towards the mother, the attachment may not be reciprocal in some cases, which will endanger the attachment development for future social relationships (McLeod, 2009). Romantic love is defined as being the feeling of a deep emotional attraction with

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