Romantic Love In Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights is a novel by Emily Brontë, published in 1847. The novel is devastating between jealousy and a desire for revenge for their love. Either to individuals or to their communities. Considered on a wide range of Wuthering Heights as a traditional English literature, it 's got a big blockbuster when it was published for the first time, Heathcliff was flustered controversial because he described the mental and physical cruelty, he have challenged the social classes, and Victorian society, and gender inequality. Wuthering Heights, Was one of the most popular novels significant progress not only in English literature, but also in European literature. In my essay I will write about wuthering heights. Today, Wuthering Heights has a secure position in the canon in the world of literature, Emily Bronte is one of the finest writers. It described that her mysterious and challenging writers. Emily was born in 1818 in the city of Thornturn. And her parents were poor. She died in 1848. Because he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In my essay I will write about wuthering heights.

Wuthering Heights is a novel of revenge and romantic love. This novel tells the stories of two families, the Earnshaws who live in the Wuthering Heights, at the edge of the moors, and the elegant and refined Lintons who live in the Thrush cross Grange. Mr. Earnshaw fetch foundling to live in the family, complex feelings of ardor and rivalry as well as develop a soulful pact between

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