Romantic Period In Romantic Literature

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As may be observed, English Romanticism saw a wide variety of authors who produced a flourishing scholarly and popular works. For this reason, it is essential to study it in relation to its main literary forms; namely, novel and poetry. Although it is worth noting that the Romantic Literature is especially regarded as a poetic period, it is also relevant to mention that this period saw the first flowering of English novel. After having dealt with the historical background of the period as well as with its most salient features, it is time to move on to the second section of this topic: Romantic fiction in Britain. Although, as has already been mentioned, the Romantic period is best known for the work of major Romantic poets, the period also saw the rapid growth of the novel. In a period of rapid social and political change the novel became more important as a detailed record and exploration of change. Moreover, the growth of the novel in this period prepared the way for the even…show more content…
The second group is concerned with the novels which reveal the romance of English history. Ivanhoe (1820), dealing with Saxon and Norman stormy days when Richard Lionheart returned to the kingdom; Woodstock (1826), about Cromwell's iron age; or Peveril of the Peak (1823), concerning the conflict between Puritan and Cavalier during the Restoration period are some of the titles belonging to the second group. Finally, in the third group, which is made up of novels which take the reader to foreign lands, one may find notable novels such as The Talisman (1825), a novel about the Third
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