Romantic Relationships Annotated Bibliography

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Lia De Marco
Annotated Bibliography Romantic relationships are influenced by a majority of effects throughout life. Growing up your family history, communication and peer relationships form the skills on how you are gong to react as an adult. The part that interesting is how individuals use the influence to impact their romantic relationships. From being an outsider and watching parents handle conflict to being involved with conflict within itself. Families have different patterns of communication and it can be brought to a romantic relationship or learn from it. All in all couples that experience conflict with family in younger years usually have a constructive style of conflict management and communication.
Fowler, M., Pearson, J. C.,
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This study found few relationship type differences for the important serial argument features of goal importance and conflict strategy usage although the relationships displayed small effects sizes. Different relationship contexts are believed to create different communication environments; relationship type should continue to be considered by serial argument researchers to clarify its role in important interpersonal conversations.
Aloia, L. S., & Solomon, D. H. (2013). Perceptions of Verbal Aggression in Romantic Relationships: The Role of Family History and Motivational Systems. Western Journal Of Communication, 77(4), 411-423. This study examined verbal aggressive behavior in adult romantic relationships from being exposed to familial verbal aggression in childhood and the strength of individuals’ motivation systems. History of family verbal aggression was positively associated with the perceived acceptability of verbal aggression with a romantic partner. This study will help understand aggression with parents that lead to aggression in relationships later in life.
Crockett, L. J., & Randall, B. A. (2006). Linking adolescent family and peer relationships to the quality of young adult romantic relationships: The mediating role of conflict tactics. Faculty Publications, Department of Psychology,

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