Romantic Relationships In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is about Odysseus' excruciating ten-year journey after the Trojan War to return to Ithaca. His journey is categorized as excruciating because of the temptations he faced and the crucial decision making skills he had to use. Odysseus’ ultimate goal is to arrive safely to be reunited with his loved ones. Throughout the narrative, we encounter several romantic relationships. These romantically involved characters display hardships of loyalty and faithfulness between one another. Some endured hard times but ultimately succeed, like Penelope and Odysseus, while others like, Agamemnon and Clytemnestra failed miserably. When Agamemnon had returned home from fighting in Troy, he discovered something no one in a committed relationship ever…show more content…
With Clytemenstra’s approval, Aegisthos murdered Agamemnon. When Orestes, Agamemnon’s son, came to hear the news, he was enraged and killed Aegisthos and Clytemnestra. When Odysseus meets Agamemnon in the underworld, Agamemnon gives insight to him about how to avoid women who betray and murder their loved ones by speaking about his own experience. He says that he had fully trusted his wife and he expected her be a faithful spouse that she vowed to be. He was disappointed to find that to be a false reality. After he was killed, he viewed every woman as a mockery of honesty. Odysseus continued on his journey leaving with insight about women and how this lesson could be applied to his own marriage.
The play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is set on a small University involving an older, but immature couple. George is a current history professor at the university who is married to the daughter of the president of the college, Martha. At first, George and Martha are deeply infatuated with each other, but nasty thoughts, comments and actions have turned their marriage into a legitimate battlefield. The scene is set when George and Martha decide to invite company over for drinks after coming home from a dinner party. They invite Nick and
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