Romantic Style In Fashion

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Romantic Style Your Look A woman with a romantic look has a very feminine style. Soft and whimsical fabrics are her favorite. These include lace, velvet and chiffon. The romantic look is all about skirts and dresses, especially those clothing pieces that are all flowy and girly. You also like beautiful pieces that have a nice feminine pattern on them. You pay extra attention to the detailing of your clothes and you are always on the lookout for girly patterns and ruffles because they add a romantic flair to your outfit. You don’t really like clothes that are tailored to fit your body perfectly. For you it is all about choosing clothes that are soft and feminine looking. A blazer is not something you go for. You would rather choose a soft…show more content…
You are most likely to be a man’s girl! You are always conscious about looking feminine and well turned out. You love displaying your feminine and that is why you would never be caught running in your pajamas. Your looks are always well thought of and you are never seen without makeup and an attractive hairdo. Your clothes usually have a lot of draping. You love delicate jewelry that has cute charms. Heirlooms are your favorite because you feel like they have a story behind them. You are a hopeless romantic by style and personality both. Whenever you are shopping, you will always be looking for lace, pleats and ruffles because you feel that this type of details make you look more feminine and attractive. The reason why you love chiffon and silk is that because they graciously drape on your body. You don’t like to look sexy, but instead you would rather look romantic and approachable. When you wear red, you wear it in such a way that it ends up looking romantic and feminine. Patterns and fabrics Soft fabrics and flowy items are staple pieces in your closet. If you are wearing jeans, you will pair it with a romantic top and some accessories in order to make it your own. You are more comfortable in wearing skirts, shirts and long dresses as compared to

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