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WEDDING SPECIAL Romantic Wedding At Sea

Renata and Ante got married on 13 May in Dubrovnik. Both locals, one from the Peninsula of Pelješac and the other from Konavle, they’ve met on the galleon cruising around the Old Town. Several years later, Ante proposed on the galleon. Of course they’ve included galleon Tirena in their wedding plans. They’ve combined tradition, romance and modern style for their perfect day.

It was Galleon Tirena that brought Renata Piljić and Ante Bratoš together. Back in 2013, they attended a private party on a 102-foot ship and met for the first time. On the same date three years later, 32-year old Ante, winemaker and entrepreneur from Konavle, proposed during an evening cruise around the Dubrovnik Old Town. Renata,
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We had to do it all over again’ Ranata says. ‘We were lucky to found out at that stage when we could actually do something. In Dubrovnik, everything is booked at least a year and a half in advance, Ante adds.

‘Yes, and we actually organized two instead of one wedding. I feel quite experienced after this,’ Renata laughs.

Croats usually don’t use the services of a wedding planner. Couples organize everything by themselves with the help of the family and friends regardless how big or small the wedding is. Nevertheless, there are plenty destination wedding specialists, especially in Dubrovnik.

Groom’s wedding party arrived from Konavle, picturesque countryside located 19 miles South of Dubrovnik, around three o’clock worrying about grey clouds above the City Walls. They met Renata’s guests in Gruž Port from where Tirena galleon sailed into a perfect day: sunny, slightly wavy, just enough to get the ideal sailing experience without getting sick.

‘Somehow, the time spent on the boat put the entire wedding on a slow motion; it gave solemnity to the event. It was true voyage. And the view...the view of Dubrovnik Walls was spectacular, our guests commented,’ Renata

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