Romanticism And Literary Analysis Of Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Romanticism Essay/Literary Analysis Young Goodman Brown
In Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne makes the reader believe that Goodman Brown has learned the truth about the universe and how evil it really is to soon conclude the idea that Goodman Brown, himself is also evil. Although Goodman Brown thought the town, his family, including his wife were good people, he fell for the devil 's evil tricks in believing that his family was not as it seemed and gave into sin. The character Young Goodman Brown finds many issues of evil concerning the town 's people, himself, and the reality behind that evil. Leading up to his faith in God becoming nonexistent. Throughout Young Goodman Brown, the main character is evil because of his loss in faith, giving into the evil temptations thrown at him and viewing everyone as wicked people.
Goodman Brown learns about the evil in the towns’ people which changes his view of everyone and himself. When Goodman Brown starts his voyage to the woods, he didn 't realize that the errand he left for was the same reason as the townspeople. On his walk through the woods, he meets an old man that, surprisingly, looks
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Hawthorne 's story of Young Goodman Brown represents the path of life and how everyone that travels down the path meets evil along the way. By turning away from his community and viewing the world as wicked, Goodman Brown unknowingly embraces the evils of insensitivity and selfishness. Goodman Brown 's own lack of faith in the world has made him unforgiving because he believes only in evil and there is nothing that can be done to change it. Rather than seeing the good in people and their actions or forgiving their sins, Goodman Brown only frowns upon them and believes that all people are hypocrites. Falling for the evil temptations led to the conclusion that Young Goodman Brown is easy to trick and that he was not as faithful in the first place. Brown learns the nature of evil and, therefore, feels surrounded by its presence throughout
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