Realism And Romanticism Essay

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The Conflict between Romanticism and Realism in Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility is a story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, sisters who individually speak to the sense and sensibility. In other words, the film is drawn between two cultural movements; the romanticism and the realism. Realism carries a message that portrays circumstances sensibly, while romanticism represents messages by utilizing fiction. Romanticism concentrates on plot, overstatements, illustration and feelings. However, realism concentrates on characters, subtle elements, objectivity and the partition of creator and storyteller. The distinction is most clearly symbolized by the contrasted psychology between the two main protagonists of the story
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In fact, the film has two settings, the first setting of the film is London and it resembles realism because in realism the setting is usually in a city. Moreover in a setting that resembles realism makes character possible results and motivations particularly out of the rapid atmosphere, so that an obstacle in the strategy for a character isn't a record obstruction however a social barrier, allowing the story to draw out the inconveniences of the characters' lives in association with the issues that torment them. Thus, in the film Marianne went to London and she knew that Willoughby married a wealthy girl so it showed Marianne’s real faith. (Sense and sensibility film, 1995) Another example is when, Elinor went to London to know the truth if Edward is really going to marry Lucy and keep his promise. (Sense and sensibility film, 1995) However, after the passing of Mr. Dashwood his dowager and three little girls move to Barton cottage of a cousin in Devonshire. Barton cottage resembles romanticism in the film because the setting is in nature or countryside. There is a difference between the city and country side in the film because the city symbolizes realism because it’s associated with reality, busy life and problems, whereas the countryside symbolizes romanticism and dreamland where they were freer and had less
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