Romanticism And Romanticism

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Between the time period 1800 to 1850, Romanticism was a literature style that many writers wrote about that focused on the celebration of nature, beauty, and imagination, supernatural elements and many other characteristics. However, there was a transition from Romanticism to a new literature movement called Realism due to the Civil War. It began when the North and South had cultural differences that divided them; while the North’s economy was based on industrialization and trade, the South was highly dependent on agriculture and slaves. The contrast between the two sides deepened when Abraham Lincoln promised that he will emancipate slavery. After the long battle, many writers realized that Romanticism did not suit their taste and decided that they preferred to write more honestly and realistically to demonstrate the hardships people faced during the war. One example of a Realistic writer is Frederick Douglass. In his autobiography, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass retells the experiences he had when he was a slave; although he was mentally and physically damaged, he was able to endure the oppression he encountered. Similarly, Letter to Sarah Ballou is a letter from Major Sullivan Ballou to his wife notifying her that even though his love for her is endless, his love for his country is far more important. Even though he decides to continue to fight in the war, he misses his family dearly but is able to push through these difficult times. Lastly, in Abraham
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