Romanticism Characteristics

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Characteristics of Romanticism
1. Back to nature
Romantic elements first and foremost form of awareness of external nature. Romantic House in the 19th century get inherited from the authors before they form a tendency to appreciate and high spirits in the cult of external nature. The revival of a sense of love on this nature enlarge their powers of observation, leading to the emergence of a sense of love will be the beauty and respect for the animal world. This raises awareness about the relationship of human and nature with the value to be had by the artists and poets from their living environment. All this gives rise to the feeling of a fresh, reinforce their vision, and cause these writers find new meaning in objects and things that are considered normal and does not mean. Not only will the external natural admiration in poetry, but also their interpretation of exceptional nature, varied, and familiar.
2. Romantic Moodiness
On the literature of pre-Romanesque, admiration of nature is often confused with moodiness. Romantic moodiness emphasized the gloomy and moodiness. They get their tranquility by visiting places that are quiet and calm. Pondering the fate of humans, death, impermanence, suffering, and grief felt deliciously tend to be thoughtful as well as tranquility fondness ditempat-tempat remote. The themes that are very acceptable form of contemplation of things dismal and sad which is a symbol of failure or futility of man, an unhappy love and suffering human
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