Romanticism In Childhood Poetry

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There is no shred of doubt about Wordswoth’s ardent and intense love for Nature and when it comes to a childhood poem he has a special kind of energy and enthusiasm. The poem Ode on the Intimations of Immortality underlines his unwavering inclination to a child as the best element of Nature when it comes to teaching mankind. The idea behind going for this topic as my paper is to do a detailed study about the childhood poetry of the poet and analyze how effective and motivational it is for humans. The first half of 19th century marks the beginning of Romanticism in literature. Romanticism actually begin in 1798 when William Wordsworth founded lyrical ballads. Lyrical ballads was a collection of poems by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Colreidge first published in 1798. Lyrical ballads consists of poetic theory and poetic concepts that how a poetry should be and written what should be the idea of poetry. Romanticism was influenced by The American Revolution, The French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. Romanticism also affected politics. It was associated with liberalism and radicalism. Population was increasing which resulted in Industrial Revolution. This proved economically beneficial. Industrialization resulted in urbanization. Due to growing industries transport system also developed. The age saw the rise of middle classes. Women were bound to domestic spheres and men were involved in public spheres. Wesleyan Methodism was a movement which led to large
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