Romanticism In Emily Dickinson's View Of Death

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American Romanticism was a movement during the 18 century that oppose the enlightenment. They believed that they should be put above scientist, engineers, mathematics. The people who believed on the romanticism, believed human reasoning and proving things is not all there is. They promoted nature, god, the spiritual world, death. Emily Dickinson was one of the writers about the romanticism. Emily Dickinson had different perspective of death from everyone else. In “I could not stop for Death” and “I heard a fly buzz-when I died”, she describes death not as a scary thing, but as a living thing that could be annoying, kind, helpful, or a friend. When Emily Dickinson wrote,“Because i could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me. ” She used “he” for death personifying him. That not all she said “he kindly stopped for me”. Now death is kind. Every person see death as something you can’t avoid and when time comes death will come for you. But on this death stops indicating death is something good. But how is death good? On the second stanza on “ Because i could not stop for death”. She says, “We slowly drove- He knew no haste”. She uses “we”, that’s because death helped her and now they are slowly becoming friends. But then she said “ he knew no haste”. According to Google haste mean, “ excessive speed or urgency of movement or action”. Then if haste mean “urgency for movement”, then “he knew no haste” mean death was not eager to move. They are just enjoying together. After all
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