Romanticism In Emily Dickinson's What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona

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The journey of American writing and how it shaped way we think and write. There are so many new things to look forward to and the exciting new adventures that were around in the new country. From Emily Dickinson and her way she discovered her own path to life. She uses romanticism in writing using nature to be a symbol of her freedom. Mark Twain brought a comedic view to the excitement and freedom of the frontier, with his travels throughout the west. “What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona” shows how America won the west and the struggle of purging the savages and the struggles they faced with a changing world. “Daisy Miller” uses the struggle of old versus new money and how one woman fought against what she was giving to receive the freedom she desired. Romanticism brought upon a lot of change through the idea of individualism through many writings and poetry. Emily Dickinson wrote in many of her poems about nature or using something found in nature. In her time it was considered rebellious. She didn’t agree with many of the views by the puritans of her time. Puritans believed that nature was something from the devil. So she wrote about it to…show more content…
With Americans beginning to take over the west and to do that they had to get rid of what many people referred to as savages was the Native Americans. In “What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona” you have a young Native American trying to become a warrior, but he meets a man that is your stereotypical Indian of what the world paints a picture as. Sherman Alexie uses the story of the struggles of the two Native Americans to show conflict of what the west was and how no matter what Native Americans did their way of life was changing forever. “At fifteen, they had long since stopped being friends and got into a fistfight.” This is the fight between Thomas and Victor and shows there struggle on how Americans, to them, were winning the

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