Romanticism In Frankenstein

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“To what extent does the inclusion of romanticism undermine the impact of the gothic elements in Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ and Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart’?” The literary works in the 19th century were heavily influenced by the Romantic Era that originated in the late 18th century and signaled a period radically contrasting to its preceding era, the Age of Enlightenment , in the sense that emotions were valued more than reason, and the human intuition was key, science was seldom regarded and imagination was encouraged, these changes reflected themselves on the literary works during this period, including the works explored in this essay, as well as on other fields such as music, visual arts, etc . Romanticism is defined as “An artistic and intellectual…show more content…
The importance of this section is to establish what kind of feelings these elements invoke within the readers as opposed to the ones invoked by gothic elements. The description of nature within the context of light romanticism in ‘Frankenstein’ is pivotal, as the sublime nature that has been presented through vivid imagery has been mostly a source of comfort and tranquility for the characters, especially after tragic events, Victor and his monster both showed qualities of this attachment. After getting outcast by the family he so-endeared upon their witnessing of his abhorred features, the monster’s rage and grief was only calmed by him pondering the beauty of nature around him “the pleasant sunshine, and the pure air of day, restored me to some degree of tranquility,” this was also seen by Victor during his misery over Justine’s death and his fear of his upcoming endeavor of creating another monster “this part of the Rhine, indeed, presents a singularly variegated landscape. In one spot you view rugged hills, ruined castles overlooking tremendous precipices, with the dark Rhine rushing beneath; and, on the sudden turn of a promontory, flourishing vineyards with green sloping banks and a meandering river and populous town occupy the scene…Even I, depressed in my state, and my spirits continually agitated by gloomy feelings, even I was pleased.” It can be evidently seen that nature used as a literary tool that relay feelings of calmness and alleviate the characters’, and hence transversely the reader’s, minds off the dark emotions of sorrow and horror, which are the feelings associated with gothic work, it can hence be concluded that the gothic impact is being quelled and
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