Romanticism In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Romanticism demonstrated a new vision of artists and writers. Fascinating new principles were used in these works, making the piece more modern, intriguing, and ambiguous. The Romantic characteristics: interest in the common man, celebration of the individual, strong feelings, senses and emotions, awe of nature, the supernatural real, and importance of imagination, are open to different perceptions by everyone. Nathaniel Hawthorne utilized a variety of these characteristics in his short story, “Young Goodman Brown.” He emphasized interest in the common man, awe of nature, and the supernatural realm. Goodman Brown exhibited the interest of the common man after his journey, whether it was a dream or reality. Awe of nature was present…show more content…
The Romantic characteristic known as awe of nature is the amazement people feel from nature based on certain details and qualities is posses. “Young Goodman Brown” is based on awe of nature, as it is centered around Goodman Brown in a dark forest. It creates a darker, more gloomy tone and mood for the entire story. The setting and details of the characters’ surrounding enhance the story by creating the feelings and emotions of Goodman Brown being sucked into his depressing fate. “The blue sky was still visible, except directly overhead, where this black mass of cloud was sweeping swiftly northward. Aloft in the air, as if from the depths of the cloud, came a confused and doubtful sound of voices.” (Hawthorne 3) The nature in this scene represents the conflicting thoughts Goodman Brown is facing. Although he wants to remain a virtuous person, the voices and his curiosity were luring him to the trap that would soon define him. Nature is a clear portion of Romanticism. Prior to the Romantic era, most paintings and literary works were based on important people and ideas, whether they be biblical or political. In the 1800s, this changed, and nature was becoming a more popular focus, as in “Young Goodman Brown.” Awe of nature has immense power over a story because it provides another dimension of depth that enhances the reader’s feelings about a
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