Romanticism In Poetry

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For this poster presentation we focused primarily on the poems which exemplifies the elements of the feminist movement by Charlotte Smith and Anna Laetitia Barbauld. The analysed poems are Flora by C. Smith and On a Lady’s Writing by A. L. Barbauld. As it is already discussed in the introductory part, Charlotte Smith and A. L. Barbauld present one of the greatest female poets of the period. The analysed poems are selected because of their obvious leanings and insinuations to the feminist movement. This research contains a discussion of women’s position in society in the period of Romanticism and it concerns with the analysis of the feministic themes in the poems of C. Smith and A. L. Barbauld. We relied heavily on the research conducted by the assistant professor at the Faculty of philosophy, Alma Žero, in her work ‘’Women Poets in Romanticism’’. This work deal primarily with the issue of gender discrimination and the revival of the feminist movement in the period of Romanticism.
The first-wave feminists created the Blue Stocking Society whose members were ‘intelligent and well-educated women who spend most of their time studying and are therefore not approved of by some men’ (Merriam-Webster dictionary). The Bluestockings supported women’s rights and fought for improved women’s education. They cleverly used to their advantage the period’s offensive perspective that emphasized the importance of women not going out of their ‘feminine sphere’, which actually meant that a
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