Romanticism In Samuel Coleridge's 'Frost At Midnight'

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Romanticism is an intellectual movement from the literature characterized by emotions, the individual and the connection between the human being and Nature. One of the most remarkable poets of this era was Samuel Coleridge. He was also a critic, a philosopher and a founder of the Romantic Movement. Coleridge was considered a person of great importance in English poetry who had influence on Wordsworth. They both wrote romantic poems in which childhood is presented as sacred time and the major theme is the connection between children and nature. When his work “Frost at Midnight” was written in February 1798, it helped Coleridge explore the nature and the purpose of the poetry. It was said to be one of the most influential poems. According to Harold Bloom, an American literary critic and a professor at Yale University, ‘ With Dejection, The Ancient Mariner, and Kubla Khan, Frost at Midnight shows Coleridge at his most impressive.’ Coleridge’s work became part of the ‘Conversation poems’. And to be more precise, part of a group of eight poems, whose name came from the subtitle of one of the poems ‘The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem’. It was some literary critics who formed it and regarded ‘Frost at Midnight’ as the strongest one. One of them is M. H. Abrams, who gave a broad description of

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