Romanticism In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby, written by Scott Fitzgerald, features the “American dream”. This dream comes with the fake perception of a person receiving everything they could only hope for. Scott’s romanticism plays as a major influence in his writings and his idea of reaching his own American dream. Scott Fitzgerald’s image of the good life is portrayed the through his writings of binging and a better self-image, but can he interpret the difference between fantasy and his own life realities? . Major themes that were constant throughout Scott’s writings were those of “wealth, youth, and beauty”. Fitzgerald’s writing of the Great Gatsby focused on binging of various items or ideas. In every activity that the character Gatsby took a part in, he binged. He drank excessively, only the most superb drinks of course, or he served large amounts to large quantities of people. Gatsby, following his creator’s perspective of romanticism, was all about finding his love. Gatsby had a forbidden love named Daisy who was married, but this did not stop Gatsby from achieving what he wanted. He thrived off of his lust for her and her world of seduction that captivated him. Gatsby had a belief that he may win Daisy’s heart if he was able to possess wealth. He was “devoted to the obsessive pursuit of wealth”. In Fitzgerald’s writings, the parties thrown by Gatsby kept his sense of youthfulness as he was still prime enough to enjoy the extravagant lure of women, alcohol, and other youthful people as well.
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