Romanticism In The Industrial Revolution

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Romanticisim was a movement in literature and art which lasted from about 1789-1870 in Europe, North America and Latin America .The rising of Romanticism is associated with the Industrial Revolution, or with the American War of Independence and the French Revolution.Especially, the Industrial Revolution led to some technological and socio-economic-cultural changes at that period in the Europe. As a matter of fact that these changes invited to people to use of natural sources and the mass production of manufactured goods ,mankind obtained new skills and became a machine operator who was dependent on factory.After all,having control over nature and the ability of using resources gave a confidence to humanity.Thus,Romanticism was born as a reaction to mechanization of human life by evoking the emotional side of human and falsifiying reality.Moreover, by the virtue of the French Revolution, a morality remanding of the peaceful nature of man emerged and it prompted to Romanticists to use emotion over reason.Romantics hold the belief that not everything can be explained by reason and relying on science can not answer the questions of life. The essence of Romanticism basically has the spirit of the individualism and nature. It turns thumbs up on the idea that natural world is the origin of positive and good emotions. It is important to note that for nature symbolizes a reflection of their own soul and the ideal life that based on the meaning of their dreams for Romantics.
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