Romanticism In 'The Minister's Black Veil'

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American Romanticism is a form of writing that the author expresses themselves with. They use exaggeration, intuition, imagination. Many authors use this to express their feelings, emotions, and how their actions toward something or someone. As this story goes along you will see its ups and downs. American romanticism is used all over the world and especially in books, short story, and novels. My people believe romanticism is someone who falls in love with a woman and they live happily ever after but no they’re wrong it actually means, For instance, Edgar Allen Poe remains popular today for his haunting and suspenseful stories he makes intense and interesting for the reader's attention and makes everything more fun for the reader. The minister of the black veil is about the man who is a minister. One day he wore a black veil and since that day his life just instinct. For example, one of the American romanticism characteristics is used in The minister's Black veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I…show more content…
Throughout the story, their different examples, "But the strangest part of the affair is the effect of this vagary, even on a sober-minded man like myself." The wife-husband thinks that he's hiding something from her and she doesn't know what it is and she tries to find out on her own that is one example of exaggeration. In the same way as "A person who watched the interview between the dead and living, scrupled not to affirm, that, at the instant when the clergyman's features were disclosed, the corpse had slightly shuddered, rustling the shroud and muslin cap, though the countenance retained the composure of death." It means that you shouldn't be scared of death it's bound to happen sooner or later. Therefore live life the fullest and be blessed to live
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