Romanticism Period Essay

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1) American Life today is reminiscent more of the age of The Romanticism period for many reasons, the first reason of how American life today is still is reflected towards The Romantic period is that our four fathers took the basic ideas from The Romantic period. That includes the ideas of vision and historical change. These basic ideas are still being represented every day in America that we are always a changing country, that we are always developing and that our people are the most important part of our country, these basic ideas we are still practicing 241 years later in America. The second reason The Romantic period reflects modern American life is through art and literature before the Romanticism period books and art were written and painted towards religious nature. New writers from Keats to Blake started taking shape in people 's worlds by writing new genres and stories outside of religion. Due to the Romanticism period, today 's literature still reflects this and is still seen through the same way we look at books today, we look for new realism and read stories that reflect in dealing with many issues from political, horror, to science fiction. We have books that have different characters that deal with real-life issues and that we can relate to, from different settings whether they are goth stories such as Shelley’s Frankenstein, to Harry Potter to Fahrenheit 451, all these new stories we get to experience are because of the Romanticism period. American life today
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