Consequences Of The Romantic Period

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There was a time in America, specifically in North America, where the possibilities to express, create, and experiment in any field were limited. Since the beginning of the era of 1800, the society was plunged into a world where what we know today as 'freedom of speech ' did not exist. Nevertheless, there were some who went beyond and they sought an escape or a way to face this revolution. An equally significant aspect of this revolution was that literary diverse, artistic and social movements emerged. Whilst industrialization had left damaged nationalist sentiment of some Americans, there were others who found a way to make it blossom. Notwithstanding these limitations, "a new school of artists sought to depict a love of nature and the feeling…show more content…
The Romantic period’s aims are related with art, not beauty but the expression and feelings which can open wider horizons. In fact, it has been defined in so many different ways. In addition, the right to individual and collective freedom is developed; this is subjective, expressing deeper feelings, most of them dark ones. Some of the characteristics that defined Romantic poetry are glorification of the individual; strong emotion, intuition, and instinct which turned more important than reason and intellect. Besides, there is a special admiration for nature, a sense that the experience of a person is equally important as the religious experience inside the world. This point is also sustained by the work of Emily Dickinson. She wrote at the tail end of the Romantic period, and even though she was influenced by some of the ideals of Transcendentalist, is commonly known as a writer from the Romanticism era. Her writing embodies the defining characteristics that were identified with this period. The main characteristic of Romanticism that Emily Dickinson portrayed in her poems is the emphases on how important Nature is for the transcendentalists. In most of her poems it is possible to find a kind of comparison of something found in Nature. For instance, in her poem “The Duties of the wind are few”, she linked abstract things like pleasure or liberty to things from nature like wind. This poem is insightful and there is too much religion involved. She was rebelling against the ideals of the Puritan which involved her in a individual struggle with the existence of God, the power of nature and the meaning of love for each person. In addition, in her poem “Knows how to forget” she left on the surface the feeling of lost, love, pain and not
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