Compare And Contrast Greek And Roman Empire

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HIST 1421: GREEK AND ROMAN CIVILIZATION Written Assignment Unit 5 Introduction When we think about ancient empires and their rivalries, many often refer to the Roman Empire and the Carthage Empire. Like an ancient west side versus east side story, the Roman Empire and the Carthage rose to power in their respective territories around the same time with the Carthage empire situated in the Mediterranean region and the Roman empire locate around the Italian Peninsula. These two empires have fought each other numerous times but for this write, we shall focus on the Carthage Empire and its rise to power. Body As I stated above, Carthage and Rome rose to power around the same time. For Carthage, this surge in strength stemmed from the hard work…show more content…
Carthage also had many gifted leaders and general like Hannibal, who lead their armies on conquests through the Mediterranean. These conquests yielded many new territories for the city but their primary wealth still came from there trade services. The growth of their economic strength was astounding as they acquire gold and silver from various nations in the region. One such nation was Spain. Spain would give the Carthage large sums of money for good from other countries. The Carthaginians also acquired the right to the portion of Spain that housed mines. There, they employed trained engineers to lower the water which always accumulated within the mines so that they could dig deeper in order to build a new city. That city was called New…show more content…
They were destroying the Romans and victory was in their sights. But like I said, the Romans had an iron will. Through sheer grit and ingenuity, the Romans developed the corvu, “a long plank with a heavy spike protruding from the end that, when dropped, effectively pinned two warships together”, (Morey, 1901). This turned the sea battles into land battles and Romans in true Team Seal Six fashion crossed those boards to fight the enemy in hand to hand combat. The First Punic War came to an end at the naval battle of Aegeus in 241 B. C. The Roman navy
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