Rome: The Collapse Of The Roman Empire

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Rome was one of the greatest Empires in the world. They were unremarkably wealthy from their advanced architecture, entertainment, water systems, army, and social structure. They were a powerhouse. They conquered land all over present day Europe and the Middle East, but once Julius Caesar became emperor, they shifted from having democratic control to a dictatorship. When their territory expanded, so did the amount of soldiers. They were in desperate need of more supplies. Rome began to fall apart, they lost hope, they no longer had the will or energy to work hard because they all craved luxury. It got so bad that some people stopped having kids because the are a “bother”. By the 5th century, Rome was being destroyed by outside invaders, and political assassinations became routine because leaders were unable to create a stable government. Natural disasters also contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire. …show more content…

Infact, about 14 of those were presumed to be assassination. This clearly shows that Roman leaders were unable to stabilize society and the only way to get rid of them was to kill them. This also shows why Rome was easily invaded and attacked. They were lacking leadership and very vulnerable. Rome was constantly in war and they killed their own emperors. They were a corrupt society and it didn’t take long for them to

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