Rome: The Role Of Imperialism In The Romain Empire

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Romans were considered practical, because they borrowed other people’s beliefs, so to speak. It usually was from the Greeks and their ideas or beliefs. Romans allowed other religions in their culture if they made sacrifices to their emperor. Another example they had a simple like writing system and was easy to understand. Finally, Romans had a great belief in morality among their people. They believed the Gods demanded them to remain moral to stay within the good graces of their Gods. Imperialism in the Romain empire was taking over another territory, such as in war. Romain was noted for the great strategies they used in obtaining other territories. They could maneuver easily in rough landscaping. Rome had hardships and fought to survive. They would offer help to neighboring cities to protect them, which in one respect, it was their city as well.…show more content…
Another area they were eclectic with was architecture. An example would be the Parthenon. It was unique, because of its Greek influence. It also demonstrated the worshiping of the Gods on the exterior of the building. It was used by different religions and not just for one belief. Lastly, the Romains had different beliefs in philosophical ideas but could retain their confidences, even though they appeared strange to some. They were a people that did not hold to a single idea. The Romains could agree to disagree on many subjects and still have respect for each

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