Rome: The Roman Legacy

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The roman legacy that had the biggest impact on today 's society was roman architect and engineering. We still use many of there engineering and architect feats. "Rome fell but it 's legacy lived on" this quote is talking about how Rome fell but there many inventions and feats they had many countries copied and they made them even better. In this easy you will learn about the Romans many impressive engineering and architecture like stadiums, aqudeucts and even roads that we still use the same technique. So keep on ready and you will soon see why roman architect and engineering is the legacy that had the most influence on us. The Roman legacy that we still remember today is the stadiums that they made. They made Coliseum aka the…show more content…
The roman engineering that they are known for are for having many aqueducts inside their cities bringing water to many of the people inside the Roman Empire. Aqueducts brought water to many of the wealthier family 's inside the empire. Obviously if aqueducts where not created the Roman Empire would have not been so successful as it was with aqueducts. Without aqueducts the Romans would have not have lived as long because with aqueducts washed away germs because they can bath and they just have water to drink and to wash there hands to stay healthy. They didn 't have to travel back and forth from river to there house. Without water you can live 3 days, without food you can live three weeks so water is the most important necessity there is to stay alive. Some city 's in Italy still use some of the aqueducts that where made more than 2,000 years ago. The Romans aqueducts influenced us today by having running water today in all houses today. Aqueducts also influenced the pipes today that transport water from one place to another. Aqueducts are in Italy and even right near us just over the border in Framingham. So obviously aqueducts and roman architecture and engineering is the most important…show more content…
Roads might be the Romans most impressive engineering feat ever. We still use many of there techniques that they used more than a millennium ago. That technique is called crowned. A crowned road is one where in the middle of the road it is higher so when it rains water can run off the sides and not flood the street. Image today if we didn 't have roads. We wouldn 't have any of the transportation we have today. We wouldn 't have trucks transport big things, we wouldn 't have cars to get to place to place faster, motorcycles to have a little of a joyride and buses for a cheaper transportation. In Rome they had over 50,000 miles of roads. Roads connected many of the hard to reach places to the center of the empire. Roads are every where around the USA and in every continent except Antartica. Without roads we would have to walk everywhere would you like to walk everywhere? That 's what I thought you would be so tired and when you got home you would have to ice all day and you would be so tired. That is what one of the most impressive and most commonly used thing the Romans invented with roman architect and

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