Romeo And Death Analysis

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In the article “Romeo and Death,” Marilyn L. Williamson supports the fact that Romeo Montague, a supposed lover, seems to be more in love with death than any of the women he supposedly loves. Romeo seems to be in love with people with he cannot have. This shows his willingness to choose people that he knows that is impossible to marry, which would ultimately lead him to be broken hearted: “His choice of love objects is also significant...the first is unattainable and the second the daughter of his family’s mortal enemy. Both can tend to bring self-destructive consequences…” (Williamson 133). According to Williamson, Romeo is extremely picky in choosing who he wants to love. Instead of choosing the one who would be best for him, he seems to choose the one who is always wrong for him. This…show more content…
Romeo’s grief is justified in terms of Juliet’s death. However knowing that he thinks to die before grieving for his lost love may raise speculation that he has thought about death before knowing of Juliet’s death. Accordingly, this also suggests that Romeo is using Juliet’s death as an excuse to kill himself. Romeo seems to know that the apothecary in town has poison when it is illegal, which raises the likelihood that Romeo has thought to die before. Knowing that poison is illegal in the town of Mantua, the apothecary is not branding the idea that he has it in his possession. Romeo’s knowledge of this illegal substance shows that he has thought of ways to kill himself before, proving he has methods of killing himself before the news of Juliet’s death. Juliet’s death not only proves that Romeo is suicidal the whole play, but that Romeo is willing to use Juliet’s death as an excuse to kill
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