Romeo And Juliet: A Tale Of Two Cities

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A Tale Of Two Cities Who is to blame in the Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet? Is it Friar Lawrence? Could it be because he married Romeo & Juliet? Even though he knew how it 'd end? Romeo and Juliet are they star crossed lovers? Is there anyone to blame for the all the tragedies? Romeo is the one to blame because he is 17 years old. He already has seen how bad the feud can get and he is basically like adding gasoline to the fire. Romeo killed Tybalt after he killed Mercutio and now he is whining about how it is unfair that he got kicked out of Verona. ¨….Calling death banished thou cust my head off with a golden and smilest upon the stroke that murders me¨3.3.21-23. Romeo was acting childish. Romeo isn 't thinking about how his actions will
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