Romeo And Juliet: A Tragic Hero

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The literary definition of a tragic hero is someone with imperfect qualities that cause disastrous events. Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet is about two teens who fall in love. Romeo, one of the teens, falls in love with a girl named Rosaline, who doesn't love him back, so he goes to a party to get his mind off of her and later falls in love with Juliet at the party. In the end, Juliet fakes her death to be with Romeo, who got banished for killing Tybalt who is Juliet's cousin, but Romeo doesn’t get the correct message about Juliet's death and ends up killing himself next to Juliet’s “dead body” before she wakes up, so she actually kills herself so they can be together. Although the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet focuses on the tragic flaws of the main characters, the terrible outcome of the story could as easily have been the fault of the characters Friar Lawrence, Tybalt, and the Nurse. For starters, Friar Lawrence has a major character flaw called irresponsibility. In II, vi,…show more content…
In I,v,54-59, Tybalt claims “This, by his voice, should be a Montague./ Fetch me my rapier boy. What dares the slave/ come hither cover’d with an antic face/ to fleer and scorn at our solemnity?/ Now by the stock and honour of my kin,/ to strike him dead I hold it not a sin.” This proves that Tybalt has a narrow-mind because when Tybalt has something on his mind, like going to kill Romeo, he does not give up. So when Lord Capulet told him to stand down and not go after Romeo, to see peace in the situation, he kept on saying give me my sword a Montague will not go after Juliet, and won’t stop. In III, i, 62-68, is another example of Tybalt’s narrow-mind because Tybalt wants to fight Romeo for dancing with Juliet, but Romeo didn’t want to fight because he was already married to Juliet, and wants to keep peace. When Romeo starts to walk away Tybalt goes after Romeo but Mercutio blocks him and he ends up getting
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