Romeo And Juliet: Vile Love Story

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Romeo and Juliet, what a vile love story, that leads to the death of four main characters in a play that only lasted seven days. Romeo, Tybalt, and Paris all loved Juliet to the heart but Juliet knew which one was more important and which one could fade. They each had a different kind of love towards Juliet, but we find out whose love was here to stay as the others passed away. During the entire seven days, this story went down, many events happened to make Romeo (Juliet worst family enemy) to her husband, with the help of there trusty adult friends Friar Lawrence and the Nurse to help them make their choices; which sometimes isn't really the best choice for that scenario. Romeo was the first character to express his kind of love for…show more content…
Capulet, is forcing Juliet to marry Paris, to make Verona a happy place again after Tybalt's death. While Paris loves Juliet, Juliet still loves Romeo and cannot marry Paris because she and Romeo became married before he got exiled. Soon after Juliet learns about her forced marriage she plans on faking her death by drinking a potion to make her look dead for 48 hours. After the 48 hours, Romeo will meet her at her tomb and take Juliet away to be happy with each other. But as she drinks the potion we find out Romeo did not get the letter to meet her at the tomb and soon finds out she has died. Knowing this Romeo goes to the burial tomb to see Juliet, with him he meets Paris. Paris knows Romeo as a killer and draws on Romeo, but Romeo slains Paris. When he finds Juliet he sees her cheeks are red and her body is warm, almost full of life. Little does Romeo know she is about to wake up due to the sleeping potions 48-hour time limit. But before she wakes, Romeo makes the bold, braving decision to be with her and drinks poison laying next to her while dying. This is the end of Romeo, but as he died Juliet wakes up and is horrified to see Paris and Romeo both dead. She takes Romeo's dagger and says “My body will be your sheath” (Act 5 Line 186), soon after she stabbed herself and died next to Romeo. All of these different kinds of love lead to the death or 13-years-old Juliet and 18-year-old Romeo. The story of Romeo and Juliet could have ended extremely
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